The Inbetweeners Movie

The rumours of an Inbetweeners movie were circulating almost as soon as the third series of The Inbetweeners ended. Not seen it yet? Why not? If not, here’s a quick rundown of what to look out for.


Will (Simon Bird), Simon (Joe Thomas), Jay (Joe Buckley) and Neil (Blake Harrison) decide to take Simon’s mind off of his break up with ***spoiler*** Carli by going on ‘a mad, mental holiday’ Yes, it is Jay’s idea, but it’s welcomed by the others who are pretty fed up with suburban life. The boys set off to Malia where they think that they might actually be cool away from school.

Their mission is the same: find the 'clunge', but even in a holiday resort where the girls dress provocatively and standards are dropped, it is not as simple as they thought. Coincidentally for Simon (or is it?) Carli (Emily Head) is also in Malia, and getting his mind off her doesn’t seem possible.

While the others struggle to handle their alcohol (cue funny moment with Jay and some ants) and struggle to talk to girls, Simon begins to realise that Carli may not be the girl he once thought she was. Prepare for some hilarious dancing and some horrific cringe worthy moments as the boys realise that friendship is perhaps the most important thing of all.

New Characters

Will’s Dad (Anthony Head): A nice cameo from Emily Head’s (Carli) real life dad. Never seen in the show, Will’s dad is arrogant and doesn’t pay much attention to Will or his life.

Alison (Laura Haddock): Love interest for Will. Immensely out of his league but charmed by his honesty.

Lucy (Tamla Kari): Love interest for Simon. Has to suffer Simon’s excessive chat about Carli.

Jane (Lydia Rose Bewley): Jay’s love interest, albeit reluctantly on his part. Jane is fun loving, but a bit on the bigger side which Jay has a slight issue with.

Lisa (Jessica Knappett): Neil is definitely not getting off with her. He has a girlfriend.

James (Theo James): The new bully replacing Donovan from the E4 show, James is much, much worse than his predecessor and provides some awkward moments for the boys.

Richard (Theo Barklem-Biggs): Richard is that random stranger that everyone meets on holiday who seems to have come on his own. One of the boys’ first strange encounters.


The film was highly anticipated by fans of The Inbetweeners show and it performed extremely well at the box office. Taking in £2.5 million on its first day of release, it was number one in the UK for four weeks. It was well received by fans and critics alike who called it ‘the surprise of the summer’.

Since the film’s popularity, there have been rumours circulating of The Inbetweeners Movie sequel. This has not been confirmed (March 2012) but fans are hoping nonetheless! Why not have a look at some of The Inbetweeners catchphrases or read over some info on The Inbetweeners: The Hit E4 Show?