The Inbetweeners: The Hit E4 Show

If you’re one of the many who watched and loved The Inbetweeners on E4, read on and reminisce. If not read, on and watch The Inbetweeners (even if it’s out of sheer curiosity).


Will McKenzie is a private school pupil who moves to the suburbs when his parents separate. Due to their lack of funding for private school, he must move to Rudge Park Comprehensive School where the fun begins. Will is classed as a ‘geek’ by others but is reluctant to join the ‘geeks’, being a victim of bullying at his previous school. He therefore goes on a mission to meet anyone else.

He is repeatedly rejected, but is offered a lifeline by the oblivious Mr Gilbert when Simon Cooper is told to be his guide for the day. As Will follows him around for the day, Simon warms to him ever so slightly, and introduces him to his friends, Jay and Neil.

Each 20 minute episode is narrated by Will, who learns from the boys that the most important thing in life is…girls. As they go on a mission to lose their virginity (except from Jay, who’s done it loads of times) they also form a bond which shows that being The Inbetweeners may not be so bad when you have each other.


The Inbetweeners’ boys are at a stage where they are not at the top of the social ladder but not at the bottom. Here’s a quick introduction to The Inbetweeners:

Will: Bespectacled and briefcase bound, Will is not your typical public school boy. Not by any means popular, but determined not to be too unpopular, he uses his advanced stalking technique to gain some friends in the form of Simon, Jay and Neil. Simon becomes his best friend and, although they make fun of each other, they often have heart to hearts.

Simon: Probably the most ‘normal’ of the four Inbetweeners boys, Simon is a kind hearted boy who takes Will under his wing despite his misgivings. His crush on his childhood friend and next door neighbour Carli becomes the butt of many jokes but he relentlessly pursues her despite her oblivion. Simon has a tendency to be unkind to his parents in the style of many a teenager.

Neil: Oblivious to anything that goes around him, Neil is a boy who forgets his gym kit for a PE exam. Stupidity is what he is mostly known for, and he is often the only one to believe Jay’s obvious lies. However, he furiously protects his dad from their barbs about his sexuality, although he isn’t quite sure if they’re true or not. He can often surprise people with his words of wisdom, even if he isn’t aware of actually saying them.

Jay: Jay proposes to be the most sexually experienced of the four, but is, in fact, a compulsive liar. The other boys know this and call him out on it relentlessly. Although he protests he just wants to sleep with as many girls as possible, there is a softer side to him. His father often puts him down which gives an explanation of his desire to be accepted.