Clunge and Beyond: Catchphrases of The Inbetweeners

Well, since we know what clunge means, we’ll move onto some of the best of the rest from The Inbetweeners boys.

Be warned: it’s not pretty, and if you’re easily offended, I’d suggest you look away now…

'Briefcase Wanker' Series 1, Episode 1

The first catchphrase ever spawned by The Inbetweeners, ‘briefcase wanker’ refers to our hero, Will who carries a briefcase on his first day in a comprehensive school. Changed to ‘briefcase mong’ to add some variety, he looks more like a teacher than a pupil and becomes the target of many jokes. That is, until he meets the others, who are just as odd as he is.

'Bumder': Series 1, Episode 2: Bunk Off

Kind of a mesh of ‘bummer’ and ‘bender, this one occurs when the boys decide to skip school and get drunk, as teenagers tend to do. A series of events take place beginning with Will dressing like a Jewish Rabbi to obtain alcohol, (you have to see it to believe it) and ending badly, as usual. I won’t spoil it (you’ll have to watch The Inbetweeners!) but Neil’s Dad’s ambiguous sexuality is one of the boys’ main sources of banter and it’s Will’s turn to join in! Because there aren’t enough derogatory words for homosexuals…

'I'm not eating that, it’s came out of the fucking sea!' Series 2, Episode 1: The Field Trip

Not so much an Inbetweeners catchphrase as a phrase, but it’s one of the best episodes and is a firm favourite among fans. And it’s Jay, talking about a fish.

'Fwend' (Friend) Series 2, Episode 3: Will’s Birthday

Friend, said like ‘Fwend’ with a mocking accent, it’s used on poor Jay when he dares to have another friend outside of the group. This is actually the nicest of the catchphrases as it shows the jealousy when one of the group appears to have other options, so to speak. Ooooh, fwend!!!

'Bus Wankers' Series 2, Episode 4: A Night Out in London

Honestly, it doesn’t really mean anything other than the boys are in a car and some people are standing at a bus stop. In more detail, Simon is chasing after Carli again and is persuaded to drive the others to a club in London. Jay causes trouble again by yelling ‘bus wankers’ while making matching hand gestures at the people queuing at a bus stop. Let’s just say they get stuck in traffic and some ‘bigger boys’ come to get their own back…

'Clunge' Pick an Episode!

I'll put it in better context for you:

'Let's go and get some clunge'

'The club will be full of clunge!'

'Bring your wellies, we’ll be knee deep in clunge!'

Alright, so maybe it doesn’t describe ladies so much as ladies' genitalia, but you get the drift.

Catchphrases aside, the banter alone between the boys makes for some of the funniest moments in The Inbetweeners.

Whether it’s derogatory remarks about Will’s pretty mum, or homosexual humour concerning Neil’s long suffering dad (‘Oh Neeeeil’) the boys always come up with something to make you cry with laughter.